Applications now open for Pride 2020

 Read the following guidelines/ expectations BEFORE submitting. 

Thank you for your interest in performing at Stonewall Chico Pride! Artists who give their time to celebrate diversity, break down barriers and promote equality help the Stonewall Alliance Center provide visibility and resources to Chico’s LGBTQIA2S+ community. 

We welcome musicians, vocalists, drag stars, comedians, dancers, DJs, poets, visual artists and more to participate in Chico Pride activities during September 2020.  You will not be asked to audition. However, in order to provide a cohesive, quality event, we must be able to vet our performers. If our current Pride planning committee has not worked with you before, we will ask for a recording of your work. Our selection process is based on originality and professionalism with a preference for high energy entertainment and creativity.

❖    As part of our effort to respect and empower marginalized communities, we ask that all Stonewall Alliance event performances using culturally traditional elements either be created/ led by someone from that culture, or that the performer acknowledge the origins of their craft and educate the audience about those origins in some way, during or surrounding the performance. 

❖    All performers will receive a compensation package valued at $35- $50 in exchange for their performance. This includes an all-access Pride Pass which entitles the performer to free entry to all Chico Pride events, tickets for 2 free drinks from the Pride bar, a Chico Pride T-shirt and a VIP gift bag, in addition to one free comped ticket for a guest at the Pride event for which they are performing. Performers also keep any tips they make. 

❖    If you are selected and are from out of the area, Stonewall Alliance can help with the cost of your travel to Chico. If you will need this assistance, please let us know well ahead of time.

❖    All proceeds from Chico Pride events benefit Stonewall’s free programs for the LGBTQIA2S+ community such as HIV and Hep C testing, support groups, youth programs, and more.

❖    Derogatory, problematic or hateful speech will not be tolerated. Excessive intoxication, or behavior that is unprofessional, aggressive or harmful may result in immediate dismissal. 

❖    Set times vary depending on the type of act and which Pride event it is selected for. Drag performers, vocalists and dancers will typically be asked to perform 1-2 numbers. Bands and DJs performing at dances or the downtown festival may have sets between 20 minutes to an hour long. 

❖    Stonewall reserves the right to refuse any applicant. 

❖    The application process will close on July 1st, 2020. 

❖    No confetti or glitter allowed in any Chico Pride venue. No liquids allowed onstage.
If you are selected, the Chico Pride Entertainment committee will place you in one of several events according to the style and content of your act. You will hear from the entertainment committee about your placement after the application closes, in early July. Check your email around this time.



           If you have any questions, contact Thank you! 


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